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Creating an Image

Upload Image Archive

This step can be automated by events in your VCS. For a list of supported systems, please refer to the VCS hook documentation.

Click on the create image button in the top right corner of the image administration panel:


In the resulting dialog:

  • Select the application from the list of available applications.
  • Drag and drop or click on the drag and drop target area to select a zip archive containing your application.

After selecting the application and providing the zip archive, click upload. A new build job will be created and added to the panel.

Build Job


The build job will update status automatically as the build processes. The possible states:

    direction LR
    [*] --> created
    created --> pending
    pending --> failed
    pending --> complete

To examine the log for any build job, click on the log button:


Next Steps

Now that you have a built image, it’s time to create a deployment. This is the last step to launching your application.